Inaugural Awards

Inaugural Awards Ceremony

Criteria for Nomination

a. Advances and promotes the practice of Midwifery
b. Acquires new learning and incorporates this in the practice environment.
c. Promotes the image of midwifery by acting as a positive role model.
d. Demonstrates strong leadership and interpersonal skills
e. Demonstrates commitment to evidence–based and/or best practice.
f. Must be a financial member of the ASSOCIATION (except for special awardees)
g. Must be recommended
h. A detailed Bio must be sent to the Association with the nomination and nominees' consent

The nominee MUST meet the specific criteria set for each award.

1. Venus Mark Award for Excellence
An award that is given in honour of Mrs. Venus Mark founder of the TTAM. Her vision and dedication to midwifery, persistence and strong leadership qualities have made her an icon locally and globally.
a. Excellent standard of practice
b. Strong, credible and supportive leadership
c. Ability to promote and advocate for change in workplace and profession
d. Plays an active role in the education of colleagues, clients and community
e. Personal commitment to continuous learning and professional development
f. Initiates and participates in research projects

2. Excellence in Clinical Practice

a. Demonstrates Innovation and advocacy in the practice of midwifery
b. Interest in research
c. Institutes/ develops projects for improvement in service delivery
d. Evidence of mentorship of staff/students to promote a quality midwifery practice environment
e. Demonstrates an expert level of competency in the delivery of holistic care.

3. Ideals of Midwifery (Student Award/0-2yrs post exam)

A student interview project award
• The student meets and interviews an elder midwife/midwives (in current practice/retired)
• records her/their history; then submits a reflective essay focusing on what they have learnt and what influence this has had on their midwifery practice

• NB: 1000-1200 word count
The document must be typed in font Calibri 12 with double line spacing

4. Excellence in Community Service

a. Midwife in public or private spheres
b. Follows emerging trends in health care and incorporates them in her practice.
c. Consistently demonstrates a commitment to improving the quality of health care among the childbearing population.

5. Special Award for the Support of Midwifery

A non/member and/or non/midwife who has supported midwifery. A descriptive account of how this person has supported/contributed to midwifery.

Nominee information and forms must be returned to the Association no Later than April 2nd 2015