Expert Advice

Indra Singh has been a nurse for the last 30 years. A specialist in midwifery, she runs a tight ship on the Maternity Word of Medical Association in St Jospeh, having had many years experience at the Natal Unit at Mount Hope Hospital. At 50 she is also a grandmother and has had her share of dirty diapers so much so that she has valuable advice for new parents.
On my way in, I noticed a pregnant woman in the car park on her way to deliver. Her husband and parents were with her, taking pictures and holding her hand. Its very sweet to see how excited parents to be get.

Q: Is that one of the reasons you went into nursing? .
A: Yes I enjoy taking care of people, caring for the newborns are the most rewarding part of my job. There is no typical day on the job every experience is different. It's hectic, but I try to give one to one patient care because it's a more fulfilling experience that way, for the mothers and for me. At the end of the day, I feel like I've achieved something.

Q: What is the role of a mid wife? .
A: A midwife is there to educate, monitor and develop, both mother and baby during the gestational period, labor and post delivery At the post partum stage, we monitor progress and advise on things like breast feeding and other elements of child rearing.

Q: You clearly love children, I understand you are a grandmother. .
A: Yes (Smiles proudly), I have three kids one boy and two girls and my son had a baby boy, my first grandchild. I kind of became his primary caregiver, not because my son couldn't be, but because I love being surrounded by children. .

Q: Taking care of a newborn's that's a lot of diapers to change! .
A: (Laughs) True, but working at the Neo-Natal unit for so long gave me an interesting perspective. I was exposed to a large variety of diaper brands and when I tried Huggies, I noticed it felt good to the touch, I compared its texture to other napples and not only does it look rich, but the quality of the material was definitely superior. The fit was also exceptional, some newborns are tiny, so we often have to fold the diaper at the waist below the umbilical cord, which of course needs to heal. Huggies was the only diaper that fit snugly and stayed flat when folded, yet it wasn't tight around the waist, so you did not have to worry about skin irritation. So I started buying them for my grandson and it was the only brand he could use. Not that I didn't try others, I did, but he would usually get a rash and I would have to give them away. Huggies prevents leaks and that's really important in avoiding diaper rash.

Q: What else makes Huggies different? .
A: It's softer than most other brands, and because it's 'ULTRA TRIM', It's not bulky. I'm convinced it's the best bet out there because its more economical. While you may pay slightly more it's better in the long run especially when you consider most parents change diapers every 3-4 hours. That's 6-8 diapers a day for about nine months! Because Huggies absorbs better, fits better, contains leaks better and is gentler on your baby, you end up using less product and possibly getting up less often in the middle of the night. I know my grandson used to sleep through the night with just one diaper and these few extra hours of sleep was certainly worth it! It's the disposable diaper that is closest to the original napples, which means it is breatheable. That translates into comfort and dryness for your baby.

Q: How old is your grandson now? .
A: (Beaming) He's five. Potty trained but still using his Huggies, can you believe? He wants to sleep in his diapers.

Q: Really how come? .
A: The comfort, I guess. He uses Pull-Ups now and they're slightly scented with Aloes, Vitamin E and Baking Soda; he'll come to me and say, 'Mama Smell', with a big smile on his face. The fact that he is so comfortable gives me confidence in the brand. I like high standards and that's what Huggies provides.